A family tradition in California table grapes

     A unique union of family tradition and modern technology has resulted in excellence unsurpassed among California table grape growers . . . . Sunview . . . . grown, packed and shipped by Marko Zaninovich and sold exclusively by Sunview Marketing International is as the label says,   "the best from the west."

     Over fifty years ago, Marko Zaninovich recognized that the hot, arid climate and long, sunny days of California's southern  San Joaquin Valley were ideal for growing quality table grapes.  It was in the heart of this valley that he established the roots of  Sunview.  Combining this solid foundation with the talents of the founding father's second generation, the company has grown to become one of California's largest family-owned and operated table grape operations.

     We know that creating the best of anything requires close attention to every detail.  At  Sunview, table grapes are our specialty, and  our only business.  That is how we continue to supply the volume needs of the largest buyers with the quality one would only expect from a small, family-run business.


The Secret

     At  Sunview, our success results from our close control of the overall operation ... from farming through marketing.

     Our farming practices combine the wisdom of tradition with the most recent technological advancements available.   Decades of practical experience have resulted in clear knowledge of our soils, ground water and particular vineyard microclimates.  Our constant analysis of  this vast database combines with daily field evaluation to allow each variety to reach its full potential.  Cooperation with and support of the University of California and State University systems also provides us with valuable insight on new innovations.

     Under computer control, the grapes are cooled and placed within the desired holding environment with quickness unrivaled in the industry.  This rapid cooling after harvest results in additional days of shelf life for the retailer, and the highest quality product for the consumer.  State of the art loading and holding facilities operated by a highly trained and dedicated staff enable Sunview  grapes to travel to worldwide destinations, and arrive in "just picked" condition.

     Every stage of this family operation is built and managed with one goal in mind--premium quality.  Our people understand that our first priority is quality.

    Sales of  Sunview  grapes begin near the end of June and continue through mid-January. with a variety spread that includes Flame Seedless, Thompson Seedless, Black Seedless, Ruby Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Sunset Seedless, Red Globe, Summer Royal, Princess, Autumn Royal, Gem Seedless, and Rosa.

     Direct marketing, whether domestic or foreign, is another  Sunview  specialty that enables our marketing staff to develop a keen sensitivity to customer needs.  It takes dedication and teamwork to make  Sunview  grapes, and every member of that team is proud to be part of this traditional, yet progressive, family process. 


     For more information contact:  Sunview Marketing International.

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